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Law Technology News

If you want to be on top of legal technology, you should subscribe to Legislation Technology Media. This newsletter can keep you enlightened about new developments inside the legal industry. Articles everywhere from GDPR to top quality cases is going to a person on top of the latest developments in the legal technology market. Another great resource is normally Legal Technology Middle, which compiles technology law reports articles. Some of these articles will be related to the web of Facts (IoT), GDPR, and other emerging technologies that affect attorneys and their clients.

In addition to publishing in print and on the web, Law Technology News will feature interviews with some of the most dominant legal technology companies. The publication is definitely written by Monica These types of, editor-in-chief of Law Technology News, and is published by ALM. This news distribution focuses on the legal market, as well as business real estate. For more info, visit the webpage for Rules Technology Reports. Further, follow the publication in Twitter @LTN. I hope you like reading the magazine!

Legal technology seems to have seen a pointy increase in M&A activity. In September, above $1 billion was raised, and the drumbeat of PR announcements hasn’t slowed. The most recent trends in legal technology have also spurred investment from non-legal businesses and job buyers. Since the market grows even more mainstream, shareholders are looking in to the market to boost the revenue. Exceeding $1 billion used legal technology in the last year, it’s likely to continue to be that way for several years.

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